Summer Dance Craze

The Chicken Dance is sweeping Moldova this summer. I’m working on getting a longer video – maybe even an instructional video. When Pütz is launched we hope to include some pre-loaded content. It would be fun to include videos of this traditional Moldovan dance. If we’re lucky a new dance craze will sweep the US!

Someone asked if this has something to do with bird flu. I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure that’s another dance.

Made In Moldova

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our superior electronic devices are produced and (sometimes) engineered in one of the lesser known eastern european countries.
We make no secret about the fact that DuroSport’s roots are in Moldova. While the company has grown to have an international presence, we remain proud of our culture.

I hope to use this blog as an opportunity to expose the world to some of the finer music that Moldova has to offer. Here’s a video by Serj Cuzencoff. I’ll be honest, he’s not my favorite – but he is very popular with the young people. I find his music to be a little too avant-garde.

Hopefully you’ll find this video more enjoyable than I do. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment and introducing yourself.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself, My Name Is. . .

Hi there, I’m Nero Tarlev. I just started working on DuroSport’s top-secret new music project, Pütz.

Today, we’re admitting officially announcing Pütz, via an article in Moldova Magazine. Unfortunately the article is only in the print edition, and not on the website. Here’s a preview of our new product logo for those of you who don’t subscribe to Moldova Magazine.

Pütz - from the makers of the Prism DuroSport

So what’s Pütz? It’s DuroSport’s new, fully integrated approach to music and entertainment. Early next year we’ll be releasing a device as part of the project. Under the Pütz brand, we’re looking to build a community for connecting with folks, all to discover new music and entertainment.

So, in part, that’s where this blog comes in. Sure, I’ll have the official word on Pütz, but really, I want to make this blog about music, music culture, videos, cool bands, things like that. Ok, well, here goes.