Vladimir Concescu is Back at The Game!

Hello Again DuroSports Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSport Electronics Company.

I am back from my staying in Moldovan Prison #34,982. Did you missing me? Am very saddened that I wasn’t allowing to blogging from inside Moldovan Prison #34,982 and not sharing my thinkings on the bittorrenting of Heroes finale. Couldn’t Chiseljaw Flyingman just drop Spongeboy Squarehair over the ocean and flying away before explosioning instead of explosioning over New York? The Atlantic Ocean is very big. Big!

But I am not in the posting for that reason; I am recording the straight record on what Nero is writing about my prisonerness. I am explaining how it is all Nero’s fault. Nero’s!

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Back From Vacation

I’m back from Moldova and I’ve never been more tired in my life. First of all there was some big terrorist scare at the airport the morning I was flying out. Had to dump three bottles of gator aid and a perfectly good fifth of Wild Turkey at the security point. My flight was 12 hours late. By the time I got to may parents place in the Moldovan countryside it was three days later. I spent all of 24 hours at home before turning around and coming back. Still, I had a chance to do some fishing and bowling, we played shuffle board, and I did see a few good accordion acts perform at the local tavern. That part was pretty good.


Moldovan Sunset I’ll be visiting my family in Moldova until next week, so no blog posts until then. In the meantime here’s a picture of the Moldovan sunset until then.

Summer Dance Craze

The Chicken Dance is sweeping Moldova this summer. I’m working on getting a longer video – maybe even an instructional video. When Pütz is launched we hope to include some pre-loaded content. It would be fun to include videos of this traditional Moldovan dance. If we’re lucky a new dance craze will sweep the US!

Someone asked if this has something to do with bird flu. I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure that’s another dance.

Made In Moldova

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our superior electronic devices are produced and (sometimes) engineered in one of the lesser known eastern european countries.
We make no secret about the fact that DuroSport’s roots are in Moldova. While the company has grown to have an international presence, we remain proud of our culture.

I hope to use this blog as an opportunity to expose the world to some of the finer music that Moldova has to offer. Here’s a video by Serj Cuzencoff. I’ll be honest, he’s not my favorite – but he is very popular with the young people. I find his music to be a little too avant-garde.

Hopefully you’ll find this video more enjoyable than I do. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment and introducing yourself.