The Truth About Pütz

After yesterday’s post I got a call from corporate with some more information on the product naming process. I’ve been given the OK to reveal some exclusive super-secret insider information that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Are you ready?

JJ Putz
It turns out that most of our product development team are HUGE Seattle Mariners fans. I knew they liked the Mariners (who doesn’t?), but I somehow didn’t realize how obsessed they are with the team. Especially reliever JJ Putz (I’m an Ichiro man myself).

So there you have it. Some more background on why we chose the name we did for our revolutionary new integrated media system. If you’re one of those people who insists on making trouble, you can add JJ Putz to the list of people you’ll be offending.

A Word About Branding And Naming

I’ve been hearing a lot of interesting commentary about the name of our new product line. Apparently there are some people out there who think, for whatever reason, that Pütz is not an appropriate name for a fully integrated line of media and entertainment products. It’s possible that these people are being paid by our competition to make waves.

I just want to say that a lot of time, effort, and money goes into naming a product. We don’t select a new product name lightly. Especially when it deviates from our previous product naming strategy. While it’s true the Pütz media player will be the next in line after the Prism DuroSport 6000, it’s also true that the player is such a revolutionary leap forward that it can hardly be compared to our previous model – which you will recall was, itself, a revolutionary leap forward.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that the name is Pütz not Putz. See the difference? We don’t speak Yiddish in Moldova, and as far as I know almost no one speaks Yiddish in the United States anymore. We can hardly change our new brand name just because a few people think it sounds vaguely obscene in some dead language — even if portions of the US Constitution were written in that language.

Then there’s the human element. Members of our staff collaborated during an intensive brainstorming session to develop this name. If you are so crass as to hurt our employee’s feelings, then go right ahead and make jokes about our product name. We’ll see who has the last laugh when Pütz is finally released!!!

Allow Me to Introduce Myself, My Name Is. . .

Hi there, I’m Nero Tarlev. I just started working on DuroSport’s top-secret new music project, Pütz.

Today, we’re admitting officially announcing Pütz, via an article in Moldova Magazine. Unfortunately the article is only in the print edition, and not on the website. Here’s a preview of our new product logo for those of you who don’t subscribe to Moldova Magazine.

Pütz - from the makers of the Prism DuroSport

So what’s Pütz? It’s DuroSport’s new, fully integrated approach to music and entertainment. Early next year we’ll be releasing a device as part of the project. Under the Pütz brand, we’re looking to build a community for connecting with folks, all to discover new music and entertainment.

So, in part, that’s where this blog comes in. Sure, I’ll have the official word on Pütz, but really, I want to make this blog about music, music culture, videos, cool bands, things like that. Ok, well, here goes.