Steven Jobs? More Like Stealing Jobs!

We are all buzzing these two weeks with announcing by Apple and Microsoft over their products: iTV and Zune.

Nero has many writings about how Mircosoft has taken our Putz concepting and made it their Zune. But I was saddening to see that now Steven Jobs of Apple is also taken our VideoTron concepting and made it their iTV!!

For those not remembering, Durosport announced our VideoTron back in June. Video on the TV! We are coming up with that idea, not Steven Jobs!

“Steven Jobs! More like stealing jobs!” Some marketing guy says that in our office, and everybody is laughing. But me. I think it is sad, not funny. I am sad like when Seattle Mariners lose or when Scarlett Johanssen is getting married. I am doomy.

First the disaster with the hologram test — which our lawgivers said that I’m not writing about until the lawsuits are settling — and now this. I am very saddened that the DuroSport VideoTron may be like a curse on our whole company.