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I’m Nero Tarlev. I left the Prism DuroSport marketing world to work on Durosport’s next generation music device – code name Pütz.

Community, cool videos, music, discovering new music – these are things I love.

In the past I wrote music reviews for Moldova Music Weekly, and before that I volunteered at the Voice of Moldova radio network.

Get in touch w/ me using this email: AskPutz (then type the at symbol) prismdurosport.com


Music, funny DuroTube videos, MP3 blogs, mashed potatoes, accordion music, going to shows, mixed drinks, Moldova Pale Ale, user-generated (almost) anything, learning the goddamned WordPress Dashboard.

Some Vladimir Information

Vladimir's Official Prism DuroSport Picture

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer for the DuroSport Electronics Company.

From time of small child I having worked at DuroSport Electronics Company, makings of the best electronical equipmn\ents. My first tasking is knob gluing on DuroSport Music Console. In few years, DuroSport is paying me for my thinking and new ideaing. Now, I am managing on all of our fine offers. It is my life’s work. Life’s work!

I am loving the Seattle Mariners, AM Radio, hunting trips in Alaska (where I am hearing Mariners games on AM radio), Orchiva Moldovan Orchid Liquor, the Dwarves in “Lord of the Rings,” the musics of Tom Waits, the musics of Super 5 Thor (loving their drummering), the movies of Scarlett Johansson.

I am now a Twit!! Follow me on the Twitter. Very excitement!!

I am on the MySpace producting researches with teenage girls for next DuroSport Pütz releasing.

Contacting can be on the email at vlad [the “at” symbol] prismdurosport.com

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was sad to hear that your products are no longer available. You gave the world tomorrow’s products today yesterday.

  2. my great uncle talked about this awesome product on his blog, specifically the prism one – pretty good stuff! anyways love the available scents despite the recall, still waiting for a refreshing & quirky mung bean scent to be available!

  3. My Prism Durosport was destroyed by a bear. The bear was attracted to the Battlestar Galactica theme song I was listening to and destroyed my Prizm Durosport. How can I get another one as I bought case for it and with a case it’s pretty much indestructible (unless attacked by a bear)?

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