I Love The Future-Painting Painter in the Heroes

Hello Again, DuroSports Fans, I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSport Electronics Company. I am now backing from the Second Life, after what some engineerings is calls “Nero’s Folly” — virtualized Prism DuroSport in the Second Life — so while I loveing my Avatard, stays in the First Life for now. …

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Summer Dance Craze

The Chicken Dance is sweeping Moldova this summer. I’m working on getting a longer video – maybe even an instructional video. When Pütz is launched, we hope to include some pre-loaded content. It would be fun to include videos of this traditional Moldovan dance. If we’re lucky, a new dance craze will sweep the US! …

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Made In Moldova

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our superior electronic devices are produced and (sometimes) engineered in one of the lesser-known eastern European countries. We make no secret about the fact that DuroSport’s roots are in Moldova. While the company has grown to have an international presence, we remain proud of our culture. I hope to …

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