How DuroSport Is Winning $300 Million From John McCain

Hello Again DuroSport Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of DuroSport Electronic Company.

Here I am, with a new announcing: DuroSport is winning $300 million dollars from U.S. Senator John McCain for Best Car Battery: the DuroSport Utility Deutrium-Tritium Batterizer 8002.

This is our promising: our battery is keeping your car on the run for up to 1 Full Year in a single charging! This will making us winning. Very excitement!

How is this coming from, you can say? Easing! In surfing the internets today, I am seeing the headline as following: Sen. McCain offers $300 million prize for new auto battery.

I am think: wait! DuroSport has already previous developing the revolutionizing Deutrium-Tritium battery for the Prism 6000, and have instant turned the entire DuroSport Producting Department to autoizing it!

We are today prototypical a car-sized versioning — The DuroSport Utility Deutrium-Tritium Batterizer 8002!! — which is winning Senator John McCain-giving prize for three reasonings:

  1. Can running autos for exactly as long as is plugged in! Up to a year! Imagining keeping your car on the run for a full year.
  2. Is smallerized such that will fit in only half of your trunk. 4′ x 3′ x 3.’
  3. Previously Deutrium-Tritium battery has been accusing of radioactivating people: Moldovan lawgivers are tell me saying that officially previous was only “slightly radioactive.” Problem is solving with fully lead casing. Now radioactivity legally downgrading to “barely noticiable.”

Thanking you very much, Senator McCain: please cheque should be making out with “DuroSport Electronics.”

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