Nero Needs To Stop His Overreactioning: DuroSport Is Too Big For The Failing

Hello Again DuroSport Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of DuroSport Electronic Company.

Long time with no hearing, because I am having been trying to saving the DuroSport Electronics Company. While Nero is overreactioning with pessimistic work stoppages, and suspicious firings in The Second Life, I am on the aeroplanes to Moldolva at working to getting more money from the Moldolvan Governing Economic Financement Overlord Body.

My arguing is very simplistic: DuroSport is too big for the failing.

If DuroSport is for the failing, then entire Moldolvan Economic Financement is for the failing, and the Communists win!!

And it is a successful arguing, as well, many Governing Overlords are in agreeance with me, and very soon will be the announcing that DuroSport is getting majorly cash infusements from Moldolvan Government.

Is is naturally that we have a dealing with the Government: that dealing is that we have to finish The Pütz DuroPhone in 2009, in other words with no cash from the Government without the DuroPhone in producting.

So, we shall do just that. Very excitement!

Look for more announcings on this soon.

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