Why DuroSport is Needing Me, Vladimir Concescu

Hello again, DuroSports Fans.

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, the Chief Product Engineer at the DuroSport Electric Company.

And I just wanted to statement for recording a single thing: I had nothing to do with “Smell of Books.” Our product that we are releasing and recalled in a single day. Shaming! That was the entirement of Nero’s idea. I am not in understanding at all of why he is doing such a project. I am calling it: “Nero’s Follicle.”

Now, you are asking: why, Vladimir, why are you not in the “Smell of Books” project? Good question: I am, after all, the Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSport Corporation, and is logic to assuming I am the involvment. But not. Not!!

So, here is my storytelling: I was not in the “Smell of Books” project because I am busy doing The Sex Rehab in the months of February and March. I had no internets or DuroPhone (prototype) or any type of communicate at all. I was only hoping that Nero is not using my doing The Sex Rehab as opportune to building any of his stupid ideals. Stupid!

Still he was. And as you are very plain to see, DuroSport is needing me for every product we release. I would be killing “Smell of Books” before first minute with laughter at Nero’s stupidityness. At least, with the product ideals. Nero is very very smart in the marketing. Marketing!

Maybe now, he will be letting me in the building the products alone, and he can be doing whatever it is he is doing in the market portion when I am in the building of the products. Because DuroSport is going to have a new, big announcing, very soon.

I am not telling you what the announcing is about, only that it is an ideal I had when I was doing the Sex Rehab. I can only say this one saying: it will be the biggest of all. Very excitement!

For now, however, we will put Nero’s Follicle behind the back burning, and move exorably towards the future.

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