Why Vladimir Concescu is Endorsing Barack Obama!

Hello Again, DuroSports Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSports Electronic Company.

Having been very gone from these blogger shores for quite some timing, I am owning an explanation to many of the fans of our company and producings. I was in studyment since my returning from Moldovan Prisonerness, and am readying to be working on great DuroSport Products (have you heard rumourings of DuroPhone?) sooner. Sooner!

First offering, however, is that today, February 29, 2008 is my birthing day. I am 32 years younger, now, ha ha! Happy birthing day to me! Happy birthing day to me! Nero is not remembering, of course, so partying at DuroSport office is minimized today.

Today is also 20th anniversary of my workings at DuroSport Electronics. I was in conscription on my 12th birthing day from DuroSport Militia to the workings in original DuroSport factory in Moldova. Now I am here in America, and have announcing of very importance. Importance!!

My studyment is over now, because I, Vladimir Concescu, am now a U.S. Citizenry! In additional, I am in voting for U.S. President! President!

But for who am I in voting, you are ask? At first, I am in the voting for Fred Thompson, because he is on television show: The Law and The Order. If he is on television show, I am in reasoning, then he must be smarter person than other non-television show on people candidacies.

In additionally, he must be knowing about both The Law and The Order. Knowing about The Law and keeping The Order is highly importance to Moldovan such as myself.

But then he is gone. Gone! Where is Mr. Thompson? Not a candidacy any more.

Then I am seeing Barack Obama on the TV. Now, seeing my MySpace page is proving that I am very much into the girl-liking, but he is very compulsory to me. Compulsory!

And when he is yelling the repeating words over and over, and cheering is loudening and loudening, suddenly I am in seizure with hoping and happiness for the future. The future!

Keep repeating the yelling words at me some more, Mr. Obama! I am liking the hoping and the happiness!

Also, his name is proving that he is foreigner American, like me! Foreigner Americans have perspectiveness on America unlike homeland Americans. I would be a great Presidential Candicacy because of my perspectiveness.

All of those reasonings — and more! — are why I, Vladimir Concescu, is Endorsing Barack Obama as my candicacy for the President of the United States of America. America!

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