Teenage Girls Are Future

Hello again, DuroSport fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer for the Prism DuroSport Company, and am needing response to slandering from Nero. He is not understanding of the future. The future!

Definitions of teenagers is that young people are future. Teenage girls are future. Why am I the My Space with teenage girls is helping the future of DuroSport. Producting research. Has happening before: many importance technology breakthoughs come from producting research. Research!

Remembering the Time GPS — the breaking through for the Prism Two. Ideas from ex-girlfriend where I needed to whereabouts her after breaking many dates. Very sad. But great featuring! Teenage girls chat produce many ideals for Pütz. Ideals escaping over Nero’s overfocused tiny brain. Cannot not even spelling “Vladimir” incorrectly.

Nero seeing always only bad. Perhaps vacationing in Moldovan Prison will helping him? Ha! Ha!

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