Vladimir Concescu is Back at The Game!

Hello Again DuroSports Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSport Electronics Company.

I am back from my staying in Moldovan Prison #34,982. Did you missing me? Am very saddened that I wasn’t allowing to blogging from inside Moldovan Prison #34,982 and not sharing my thinkings on the bittorrenting of Heroes finale. Couldn’t Chiseljaw Flyingman just drop Spongeboy Squarehair over the ocean and flying away before explosioning instead of explosioning over New York? The Atlantic Ocean is very big. Big!

But I am not in the posting for that reason; I am recording the straight record on what Nero is writing about my prisonerness. I am explaining how it is all Nero’s fault. Nero’s!

The first: “Parking Tickets” were officialdom explainings, not real true story-telling. Nero is so authoritative following he accepted that explaining.

The true story-telling is that I was being taking back to Moldova for the gambling losings. In the Second Life. The Second Life! Had it not been for Nero’s insistings I would not have been going to the Second Life!! Thank you, Nero! (That is sarcastish.)

Had it not been for Nero’s insistings that I am coming to the Second Life for launches of the Virtual Prism DuroSport (which is outselling the iPod in the Second Life!), my avatard would not be flying into the Moldovan state-runned Cantemir Casino.

I am loving on the Blackjack. Many ex-girlfriends are saying I am addiction on the Blackjack. So was stopping the playing in the real life. But this was the Second Life. Not real. Playtime for Vladimir. Playtime!

In the first, my lucky was good good lucky. But, in late April, there was huge loss streaking happening. Huge! Dealers blackjacking times after times after times. Doubling on 11 vs. dealers 6 and losing. Bad bad lucky. Not even split of tens was helping my bad bad lucky. Suddenly I am owing Moldovan state-runned Cantemir Casino 404,721.75 Linden Dollars. Worst off: noone is telling me that is real money!! Equalling 20,000 Moldovan Leu of real money.

So Nero is flying over very big Atlantic Ocean for his thinking paying of “prisoner detention” but in reals, he is paying my gambling debts. Ha!

In the meanwhile, I was in Moldovan Prison #34,982 and am researching very very heavily on the MySpace, coming up with producting ideas for the Pütz by meeting many future ex-girlfriends. Some might be questioning my methodings, as always, but look at the awesomosity of the Prism 6000.

Not even Nero is questioning the Prism awesomosity.

65,000 Leu in Data Access charges is small pricing for his payment when Pütz is coming out. And VideoTron: not forgetful of the VideoTron. Both will be doubling in awesomosity!

Because now, Vladimir Concescu is back at the game! That is from my new bittorrented favorite show: John Of Cincinnatti.

One thing I am learning in Moldovan Prison #34,982 and John Of Cincinnatti: time and deadlines have no relevantness. The things are happening when they are happening because they are happening.

As will the Pütz.

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  1. Vladimir. I would appreciate it if you would remove me from your list of friends on The MySpace. You make it look as if I am managing a stripper club.

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