Heroes Lawsuiting is Outraged!

Hello again, DuroSports Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSports Electronics Company.

Last week, am writing about my new favoriting TV show, The Heroes. Is return to NBC on Monday. Monday!

Only I am discovering from internets that lawsuiting against The Heroes maybe killing it forever! I am outraging. Outraging!

Lawsuit givers are for Eel Twins, claims that they are creation of Future-Painting of The Future, Isaac.

I am knowing that this is not the truthful at all. Future-Painting Painter of The Future is my favoriting of The Heroes because is reminding me of Old Moldavan folk stories passing from fathers to sons back to grandfathers over generations not counting. Stories of Future-Painting Painter warnings of coldest wintering and hottest summering and invasion of insects and armies. Sometimes all at once!

In additioning, Eel Twins is Moldovan delicacy. Am frying Eel Twins right now in Shallot Butter. With Moldovan Strawberries! Very tasting!

I am smelling not just Eel Twins, but lawsuiting ripping off of The Heroes successing, like Microsoft ripping off of Pütz to create Zune: sees good thing and taking good thing.

Which is very bad thing. Bad thing!

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