I Love The Future-Painting Painter in the Heroes

Hello Again, DuroSports Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSport Electronics Company.

I am now backing from the Second Life, after what some engineerings is calls “Nero’s Folly” — virtualized Prism DuroSport in the Second Life — so while I loveing my Avatard, stays in the First Life for now.

Speaking of the loveing, am telling you now my loveing for the new TV Show the “Heroes.” Are you hearing of it?

Just before the disastering in the Second Life I am beta testing the upcoming alpha versioning of DuroSport Videotron, and all the nuclear bombings on “24” scared me. Run, Jack Bauer, run! from all of the nuclear bombings! Bombings!

So is the channel switchings for the beta testing for the Alpha versioning of the DuroSport Videotron, and saw cheeringlead very like cheeringleads I meet during the MySpace producting researches. Only MySpace cheeringleads mostly walking from huge fires, not inside of. Seeing pretty mirror lady all scary. And saw chiselyfaced man flying like my Avatard in the Second Life. Flying! In the First Life!

Then I’m seening white-eyed painter of the future. Is painting teenage cheeringlead girl. In the future! See Nero, teenage girl is future as I am writing!

Suddenly, I am remembers old folking story passed over in my family for many many years. Decades, maybe even centurions. From fathering to childrens and back to fathering. Its a family lengendary! About future-painting painter who is painting the future. Which is comes true.

Chillys running down my back. Thinking that legendary is my family only, but is the “Heroes” creator distancing relation? Will attempt contaction via the MySpace, but now am having new favorite TV Show: the “Heroes.” Very excitement!

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