This Week On The Heroes: 23 April, 2007

Hello Again DuroSports Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSport Electronics Company.

I am in the testings for DuroSport Videotron with The Heroes from this week on NBC, and am sharing my thinkings about it with you!

Some crying babies are saying that I am spoilings of The Heroes, so go away you crying babies who are not seeing it so far. Like Nero, watcher only of The Lost’s first season, and was firing Ronin Kurosawa, our Second Life Project Manager, for the killing of Mr Eko spoilings.

I am seriousness here. Seriousness! See it now before reading more, if not, you have been understanding the happenings of The Heroes from my following writing coming next.

Am very saddening at death of my favoritist character — Future-Painting Painter of The Future — by brain-eater Zombie Man. Zombie Man (am I calling him for brain consumptions) has no artistness in his soul comparing to Future-Painting Painter of The Future, Isaac. Bad Zombie Man! Bad! (Yes, am understand of villianious needs in gigantic stories like The Heroes. But am loving the hated.)

Maybe Zombie Man also eating heroin addicting, similar to when he is eating Keith Richards. Maybe brain-eating already drugging for Zombie Man!

Don’t going to New York, Mr. Glasses! You are making sure that all exploding peoples are in New York — Nuclear Man, SpongeBoy Squarehair — for nuclear explosion! Explosion! We had underground testings in Moldova, and waters ran glowing for years.

Additioning, many other questionings arrive after Episode view:

  • How can there be two Hiros at same placings? Once time, there were many Commander Datas at same placings, but space-time was fluctuation, not Commander Data controlling it.
  • How can Teenage Cheeringlead Girl have two fathers? Chiseljaw Flying Man and Mr. Glasses? And is SpongeBoy Squarehair really creepy Uncle or adoption victim like Teenage Cheeringlead Girl?
  • How can I tell Evil Stripper from Good Stripper? Not caring about last one, as Stripper creates huge boredoms in my brain. Boredoms! Like when Voiceover Man is speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks. Why can’t Zombie Man eating throats instead of brains!! Start with Voiceover Man, pleasing, Zombie Man.

Next week, we are everything learnings!

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  2. this blog makes me yawn – why so many business people pretending they have humor and have and want to give “fun”, when their unique goal is to sell us their stuff?

  3. Mr. Huge,

    I am sorrowed you are so sleepy. Maybe you are dieting badly? Good eating = much energetic!!

    I am additional sorrowed you misintended your understanding of our blogging.

    I am explicit now: the purposes of our blogging is for your purchasing of fine DuroSport Products. No other purposes.

    Please purchase DuroSport Products. Please!

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