This Week on The Heroes: 30 April, 2007

Hello Again DuroSports Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSport Electronics Company.

I am in the testings for DuroSport VideoTron with The Heroes from this week on NBC, and am sharing my thinkings about it with you!

Spoilings for this weeks episodic are now coming next!

Am very saddening: dead Heroes are all eating by President Zombie Man in The Future. The Future!

Once time I was thinking that teenage girls were future, but in future of the Heroes, Teenage Cheeringlead Girl is victimized of President Zombie Man! As was Chiseljaw Flyingman, who was painted President by Future-Painting Painter of the Future, but its really Zombie Man!

Also, is Good Stripper, not eaten by Zombie Man. How can Stripper creating boredoms in my brain? And how come President Zombie not eating Good Stripper? I hate Zombie Man, always eats wrong Heroes.

Lucking, the two Hiros — Funny Hiro and Scary Hiro — are in same timing/spacing dimensions, like the two Willows on Buffy and the Vampire Slayers. And they are confused the Mind-Reader so that Scary Hiro can get Spongeboy Scarface to battling with President Zombie Man, so that Funny Hiro can zipping to the past and saving New York.

Wow! Besting. Episodic. Ever.

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